This is what you need to know about myoma surgery

Myoma is an abnormal cell growth that develops in a woman's uterus. Although generally not cancerous, in some cases it is necessary to do myoma surgery, especially if the growth causes health problems. Myoma is often experienced by women aged 30-50 years, and the size can vary. The group of women who are more at risk of experiencing myoma are pregnant women, women who are overweight, or have family members who also suffer from myoma. Conditions that require myoma surgery Most women do not realize that they have a myoma in the uterus, until an examination by a doctor. Because, generally myoma has no signs and symptoms. Myoma that does not cause complaints and disrupt daily activities, actually does not require treatment. However, you might consider performing myoma surgery if symptoms such as the following occur: More frequent urination Difficult to empty the bladder or not urinate There is pressure and pain in the lower abdomen Excessive menstrual bleeding Bleeding betw
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